Where we are going cvr w2

From the Foreword to where we are going
I admire Kate Marshall Flaherty for several reasons: her generous spirit, quick wit, infectious good humour and remarkable poetry. But as I worked on this project and each poem percolated into my soul, I found myself on a journey that was often heartbreaking. The long sorrowful death of her best friend to cancer and the strong spiritual framework that helped sustain Kate are important aspects of this book. When she was diagnosed with M.S., this journey took another painful twist. I was awed by the honesty in Kate’s writing but even more, I found myself curious about the origin of her stamina and good nature. In the poems I found a large, close family with a strong tradition and a young girl weaned on the essential characteristics that would carry her so well in her adult life. I also found a profound loneliness.
Yet Kate has never travelled alone. The voices of the strong women she celebrates in these poems speak as true as morning bells. The echoes of family reverberate like chimes suspended from a tree in a homestead yard.
Each poem in her journey is a courageous jumping off, a skilled diving in and a determined wading ashore, and at last, a resting place in bright light and clear air. It is refreshing to know that where we are going is a place Kate Marshall Flaherty knows well and is generous in sharing. That’s Kate for you.
James Dewar

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