Susie Whelehan: The Sky Laughs At Borders

“Because words and rhythm are medicine covered by God’s Socialist Health Care Plan for Humanity”. Susie benefited from their healing powers and continues to work and play with them in doses large and small.

She taught young children for many years and sought to instill in them a love of language.

This is her first poetry collection.

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Susie lives in Toronto with her husband, Francis Corrigan, while occasionally dreaming of Bruce Springsteen. Francis doesn’t seem to mind.

$24.95 (includes hst & shipping within Canada)
The Sky Laughs at Borders


$24.95 USD (includes shipping from Canada)
The Sky Laughs at Borders

$2.00 from the sale of each book will go towards an education fund for Winnie’s children. (See “World Music”)

Kudos for The Sky Laughs at Borders

Susie Whelehan, in her moving first collection of poems, The Sky Laughs at Borders, presents fresh images in odes and eulogies, prayers and petitions, for subjects from Dr. Seuss to Ram Dass, from mother whales to the makers of toxins, from the patron saint of mental illness to the mother of the man with the gun. Tender, touching, tenacious, these poems celebrate and challenge, examining current events and ancient texts. Infused with wonder and humour, her poetry sparkles “because words and rhymes are medicine.” Her grammar “casts a spell with words” where personal anecdotes resonate with universal truths. As you open this book, poetry lovers “prepare to be astonished.”
~ Kate Marshall Flaherty, author of
Radiant and Where We Are Going

Susan Whelehan’s poems are a roller coaster ride into “the complex geometry of our lives.” A moving first collection from a writer with a giant capacity to observe, feel, analyze, laugh and forgive. She confronts the dark, dangerous waters of our humanity with all of its tentacles exposed and never loses hope. In her direct and compassionate words we find humor and redemption.
~ Gianna Patriarca, author of
Italian Women and Other Tragedies and Daughters for Sale

From “Ode to the Onion” to laments about her mother and Mary, Susie Whelehan sees the world in its beauty and brokenness and often through the eyes of the Goddess of Hilarity. We usually associate hope with younger generations but this collection is rich with hope infused with lived experience. “So much depends on time, a warm caress, a second chance.”
~ Jane Byers, author of
Acquired Community and Steeling Effects

Susie Whelehan’s voice is a refuge, a wake-up call, a prayer and a lament; it’s blessedly cool lips against a fevered brow, an antidote to cynicism. The Sky Laughs at Borders is everything we didn’t know we so desperately needed, which makes the gift of it that much more generous. It should be compulsory reading.
~ Bianca Marais, bestselling novelist,
Hum if You Don’t Know the Words and If You Want To Make God Laugh