Bänoo Zan: Letters to My Father

Bänoo Zan is a poet, translator, teacher, editor and poetry curator, with more than 120 published poems and poetry-related pieces as well as two books. Song of Phoenix: Life and Works of Sylvia Plath, was reprinted in Iran in 2008. Songs of Exile, her first poetry collection, was released in 2016 in Canada by Guernica Editions.

Letters to My Father is her second poetry book.

She is the founder of Shab-e She’r (Poetry Night), Toronto’s most diverse poetry reading and open mic series. It is a brave space that bridges the gap between communities of poets from different ethnicities, nationalities, religions (or lack thereof), ages, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, poetic styles, voices and visions.

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Twitter: @BanooZan

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A review of Letters to my Father from University of Alberta writer Erin Widmark-Pickle

Bänoo Zan’s poetry book ‘Letters to My Father,’ a new perspective on grief

U of A’s 2022-23 writer-in-residence gives us a gorgeous look into the emotions of mourning and pain.

Bänoo Zan notes in the introduction of Letters to my Father that she heard of her father’s death on August 12, 2022, and she had not been home since she left in 2010. This poetry collection is her story.

Letters to My Father, the second of Bänoo Zan’s poetry books, is a beautiful collection of poems that describe the feelings of grief, regret, and a daughter’s love for her father. She turned to this outlet as she believes that poetry allows us to gain another perspective to understand our own emotions; we must go through grief in order to overcome it.   Read More Here