A Story for Sadie

Haunted by the grandmother she never met, Donna Langevin never ceased questioning a family taboo. A Story for Sadie delves into her grandmother’s incarceration and abandonment in a Montreal lunatic asylum after the death of her child. Langevin’s taboo-busting fictoire is vulnerable, imaginative and passionate. It vividly brings Sadie back to life and restores her place in the family that had once excluded her in the worst possible way.

~ Donovan King,
actor, teacher, and founder of
Haunted Montreal Ghost Tours

Donna Langevin writes with extra- ordinary empathy and forgiveness, tracing the imagined life of her paternal grandmother, incarcerated in a mental asylum after the death of her infant son George. “I’m here because I pulled out my plumage and clawed myself after my fledgling died.”
Sadie’s granddaughter’s book is a courageous and beautifully written work weaving the imagined horrors of daily life in a mental ward and letters of hope to the outside world with real family reactions to the event. It is a painful and wonderful read.

~ Dr. Anne Shepherd,
Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst

Here is the link to a full-length positive review of A Story for Sadie written by journalist Robin Harvey: A Story For Sadie: A Review By Robin L. Harvey on Not the Public Broadcaster.com

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